Terms & Conditions to Rent


All bookings are made according to the vehicle category and not for a specific model. In case of non-availability of a vehicle in the category pre-selected by the customer, regarding always with a confirmed booking, General Car Rental reserves the right to provide the customer with a larger class car, at no charge to the customer. The company reserves the right to change the type of car in special cases.

Minimum Rental Time

One day (24 hours). After 2 hours from the completion of the 24-hour rental, an additional charge of one day will be charged.

Driver Age

The minimum age is 23 years for the use of cars of categories A, B, C, D and 25 years for the other categories of cars. However, with the use of a credit card, the age limit is lowered to 21 years.

Driving License

You are required to present a valid Driving License for the Greek territory and the EU, which has been issued at least one year before the start date of the lease. Citizens of non-EU countries are required to have a valid International Driving License, together with the presentation of the National Driving License.

Road and Traffic Fines

The road and the traffic fines due to violations of the Road Traffic Code are the responsibility of the Lessee. The Lessee additionally undertakes the payment of management costs on a case by case basis.


Rental is prepaid. The client is required to provide a credit card on a case by case basis as guarantee for the rental, even if payment is made in cash.


In order to refund any amount paid in advance, the cancellation of the reservation must be made at least seventy two (72) hours before the scheduled date and start time of the rental of the vehicle, (always according to the exact time of booking), as it was made in the company reservation system.

If you wish to cancel a reservation, you will contact the company via the reservation system or by telephone. Cancellations are made based on the European Directive 2011/83/ΕΕ. Requests for refunds of pre-paid amounts are not accepted (Chapter ΙΙΙ, Article 16, paragraph [L]).

Deliveries - Collections After Business Hours

The customer is charged with the cost of transporting the vehicle with a driver to the desired point.

Deliveries - Pickups at Airport & Port

Off-site deliveries and collections are made at the request of the customer. There is no extra charge for deliveries or pick-up at the airport or port. For out-of-town deliveries, the cost depends on the distance.

Additional Driver

The charge for each additional driver is 4 € / day. The maximum number of drivers is set at 2 people.

Children's Seat

Available free of charge upon reservation.


The lessee must return the car with the same amount of fuel he received it. In case of return of the car with a smaller amount of fuel than the original (i.e. the amount of fuel that the customer received the vehicle), the customer is charged with the difference in fuel. No compensation is provided to the customer if the car is returned with more fuel than received.


In case of an accident, the customer is charged 15€ for the costs of the management of the accident file.

Car Transport by Ship

The transport of the car by ship requires the written approval of the company.


General Car lessees are insured against fire as well as death or physical injuries to third parties.


The vehicles are insured against third parties (except the driver) for death and physical injury up to one million two hundred and twenty thousand euros (1,220,000.00 €) per accident and for material damage from third parties (excluding the General vehicle) the amount of one million two hundred twenty thousand Euros (1,220,000.00 €). In case of change of the above limits, the minimum limits always apply, as defined by the current Greek legislation. Damages that exceed or are excluded from the insurance coverage limit will be paid in full by the lessee.

PAI - Personal Accident Insurance

The lessee is not covered by "Driver Insurance" (PAI) unless he accepts and signs the relevant term of the company contract and pays the amount of 5€/day rental for all categories of vehicles. The maximum amount of insurance compensation payment: is 12,000€.

Theft Cover (TP)

The lessee is released from respon for car theft, provided he accepts the relevant terms of the contract by signing it and pays daily the amount of € 3 for categories A, B, C, D, K and € 6 for categories E, T, Y.

Discharge (CDW)

The lessee can limit his responsibility for his legal participation in any damage to the car, to € 650 by paying the amount of € 8 per day of rent for categories A, B, C, D, K, and to € 900, paying the amount of € 13 per rental day for categories E, T and Y.